Monday, January 27, 2014

Small Businesses Uncertain, afraid of being Blind Sided by another Economic Crash!!!

BizTimes Executive Editor Steve Jagler may have started a whole new conversation nationally with this interesting tidbit from the Council of Small Business Executives; since they don't want to be caught by surprise again by another economic collapse, the uncertainty of "deregulation" may be holding business back.
Jagler: "They will forever, I think, be wary of what could blind side them again. They are determined not be blindsided and bloodied like they were with the Great Recession."   
This is a big story, and a scoop by Upfront's Mike Gousha:

Something never mentioned by the GOP, because it would explain the higher unemployment rate, is the new business model hatched from the wreckage of the Great Recession; a reduced permanent work force supplemented by part time workers during times of higher demand. And since demand lags do to lower wages, more people remain out of work.

Like tort reform that attacked the victims of medical errors instead of preventing the errors in the first place, the GOP is now attacking the unemployed instead of the reasons for slow job growth and anemic demand. Nothing ever changes because of them.

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