Saturday, January 11, 2014

Walker and state GOP campaign target, former Democratic Governor Jim Doyle and Mary Burke, for causing Great Recession...again.

Since we know former Gov. Doyle did not cause the Great Recession, it seem almost ridiculous to hear the head of the state Republican Party continue to blame him for it. Is WISGOP's Joe Fadness stupid? But do keep it fresh in our minds, Joe, how Republican free market policies caused the the Great Recession, wiping out jobs and businesses in Wisconsin.

Does this also mean Republicans will give up saying, "Oh sure, blame Bush," or will they successfully have it both ways from an uncritical media? 

Cheap shot artist, and not too smart: Fadness is shocked Doyle donated money to Mary Burke’s campaign. He thought money went only to Republicans? Maybe the legislature can "reform" that too.

Before the Republicans took over in D.C., we were looking at “surpluses as far as the eye could see,” remember? Heck, read Fadness’ reminder of how bad things got under GOP control:  
jsonline: Joe Fadness, executive director of the state Republican Party, was quick to criticize the donation. "Mary Burke and Jim Doyle set Wisconsin into a downward spiral, and it's no surprise that this same team is funding and advising Burke's campaign to take Wisconsin backward," Fadness said. 
Fadness should also check the calender. In fact, Burke wasn't really there to for the plunge (Feb 2005 to Nov. 2007. And yet, after all is said and done, Doyle’s job creation numbers were on the upswing.

Burke's campaign would be wise to thank Fadness for keeping the Great Recession front and center. 

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  1. An amateurish attempt at demagoguery. The act of demagoguery is dependent on peeling away the veneer of ordinary decency and enlisting unfounded, impassioned, appeals to emotions and prejudices of the gathered homogenous audience. Professional demagogues believe in the primacy of the spoken word over the written word as an instrument of thought control. Mr. Fadness will claim to be misquoted as facts are presented.