Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thank Republicans for Internet Toll Roads!!!

It’s important to establish right away who will be at fault for skyrocketing internet bills: the Republicans.

What’s the point of GOP cut taxes when those cuts are gobbled up by higher cable bills? You can thank Republican inaction on net neutrality and their irrational hatred for the FCC! Hey, you gotta love the “free market,” right?

Could it be Americans really aren't fed up with skyrocketing cable bills after all?
PC Mag: The easiest route would be for Congress to pass a law addressing this issue. But since it is split down party lines, and this Congress is not exactly known for getting a whole lot done, that also seems rather unlikely. Republicans dislike the FCC rules, while Democrats are in favor of them.
Has anyone seen a shortage of online innovation, or a stifling of entrepreneurial freedom with our current internet business model? Of course not, but that’s not stopping Republicans from fabricating a list of excuses written by corporate interests:
The GOP argues that net neutrality rules will stifle competition, with broadband providers hesitant to try out new technologies lest they run afoul of the FCC's rules. The market will regulate bad behavior, as ISPs won't do anything to drive customers away, the argument goes.
We saw how that exact business model worked on Wall Street just before the Great Recession. Republicans said banks would never risk hurting their costumer’s with risky schemes. This is the basic argument for the free market. So, how’d that work out?
Democrats want to Save Americans Money, Keep the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive: Democrats, however, say that the rules simply provide recourse to consumers who believe their ISPs are treating their customers unfairly.
Cable providers could slow down smaller business access, and speed up big business interests. Providers could limit or slow down Netflix, or charge you more for access to the service. So who’s costing you more money? Is paying a toll on the internet your idea of freedom?

So higher internet bills are on the way. Who will you blame for your higher cable bills that may have priced you out of the marketplace? 

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