Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Inside the Conservative Mind: The Twisted Sandy Hook Hoax.

I watched a few short segments of these two sick videos that deny Sandy Hook ever happened. The brutal and twisted thinking that went into the production of these videos is enough to make you nauseous. Each and every gut wrenching rationalization for the sake of gun ownership is so appalling I couldn't pass up a chance to expose it, and the thinking coming from the right wing alternate reality. It ain't pretty, and I wouldn't blame you for moving on. I just had to document that this is really happening. Sorry:
Based on the incomparable presentation by Sofia Smallstorm, this documentary is a must-watch for any Sandy Hook researcher. This video accompanies Sofia's original presentation and spot-on analysis by adding a distinct audio/visual layer. A best effort was made to reinforce the original material, maintain accuracy and stay true to the original reporting.Regardless of which "hook" is used, staging deceptive events requires secrecy; specifically the authorized secrecy afforded to the state. The fuel that powers conspiracy is secrecy. 

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