Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Rise of Iron Fisted Republican Power and Entitlement. Here Comes Michael Grimm....

Blogging Blue highlighted what we’re seeing more of these days under one party Republican rule, especially here in Wisconsin. This really isn't just one isolated incident either. It’s manifest destiny, an attitude of entitlement by Republican thugs. Blogging Blue wrote:
Conservatives, especially here in Wisconsin, are really fond of attacking so-called “union thugs,” but here’s an example of a Republican Congressman acting like an absolute thug. Watch as Republican Rep. Michael Grimm of New York.
I added on the follow-up story where the reporter described what happened.

For conservative voters, this should be an unsettling insight into their party. How could this not be a threat to their freedom and liberty too?    

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  1. Is this suprising? The tea party fascists have ruined the GOP. The ultra rich Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson were brilliant at turning the GOP into HeeHaw. Folks so dumb that they vote against their own interests for people like Scott Walker, Cruz, Rand, Christie and are too dumb to realize these guys talk about "reforms" and "taxpayers" and it is all a bunch of crap. Lies. What koch owned politicians do behind closed doors is NOTHING like what they preach in public. But the tea party types are hillbillies and hicks who care more about gun rights than education. I have never seen so many people get sucked in by messages of hate and buy into it! Pro life and pro gun - how the heck does that make sense?? These idiots care about a fetus, but once the kid is out and wears a hood ie on the wrong teahadists lawn...they shoot! They don't give a crap about a heartbeat then! I think the tea party is a Terrorist organization that must be stopped.