Thursday, January 9, 2014

Will Sen. Tom Coburn ask his neighbors to help with his prostate cancer?

I hate to come across insensitive, but the following news regarding Sen. Tom Coburn’s prostate cancer reminded me of his response to a desperate shattered woman pleading for medical help after being dropped by her insurer. She was given a speech and told to get help from her neighbors. Government is not the solution. I now hope this arrogant Senator will suffer the same inhumanity: 

For the past several months, 65-year-old Sen. Tom Coburn has privately been undergoing intensive treatment for a recurrence of prostate cancer, Coburn, an obstetrician, has earned a reputation as a staunch social conservative, pushing anti-abortion measures.

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  1. Debilitating medical illness in America results in personal bankruptcy and moral abandonment whether ObamaCare or Medicaid. Our Government can and will only do so much. It is still up to the care receiver to resolve their health issues by giving everything they own to the Doctors, Lawyers or Tax Collectors. This was a fact of life even in Biblical times. What Senator Coburn is saying is we need to help and love our neighbors as ourselves.