Thursday, January 9, 2014

Scott Walker’s "ObamaCare" like Moment? Dept. of Workforce Development overwhelmed by the Unemployed.

With so many of the unemployed getting their benefits dropped, thanks to Republican hardliners, you’d think the Walker Authority would have had the following covered. Man, government can’t do anything right under Republicans:
jsonline: Unemployed workers who want to file for unemployment compensation are having trouble getting through on the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development's phone lines. A spokesman said Wednesday the department is experiencing "particularly high call volumes."

Ron Youngbluth of Pewaukee said he started calling to see whether he'd be eligible for unemployment after he was laid off from his part-time job as an optometrist in Brookfield on Dec. 6. He estimated he called up to two dozen times in the past month, sometimes several times a day. He got through to the automated system, but never to a person. "I called them the past at least three weeks, I don't know how many times. I couldn't get ahold of anyone," he told the Public Investigator. "It's all automated. That's the most I ever got. I thought, 'What the hell is going on?' There must be people who desperately need unemployment help."

John Dipko, a spokesman for DWD said the department rolled out a call-back feature in late 2012 that allows callers the option of getting a call back instead of staying on the line. Youngbluth said he was never offered a call back and that the system sometimes dropped his call.
A few readers left these appropriate comments:
Just remember to vote next November based on what kind of service the Governors Administration gave you and your family. Higher taxes, low paying or worse yet no jobs, reduced and more expensive public services, rotten roads, crowded schools, and six felons and counting.

Walker can't even manage a phone center, let alone the whole State of Wisconsin. He'll get laughed out of a Presidential race.

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