Monday, January 27, 2014

That Giant Sucking Sound? Voters taken in by Slick Scotty.

I am a little surprised, and maybe pretty much a stick in the mud for complaining so much about Scott Walker.

The new Marquette University poll proves Wisconsinites love Scott Walker and believe just about everything coming out of his party bosses press releases and media machine. Walker's 47% lead over Democratic opponent Mary Burke, at 41%, isn't just amazing, it's the defensive mechanism voters feel after giving everything up to Walker in reaction to the Great Recession caused by Gov. Doyle.

Wisconsinites need a leader, a tough father figure who stands his ground, no matter what people say.

I know this is just an early poll, who cares right, but if by now it isn't obvious where this state is headed...who am I to say.

Despite Walker's opposition to what the public really wants in that same poll, he's still...okay. A nice mild mannered guy. Jobs, safety nets, higher pay...Walker remains detached and unruffled.
62% said they would like to see the minimum wage increased, with 35% saying they didn't.

33% said they would like to see the $7.25 an hour minimum wage increased to $9, and 25% would like to see it raised to $10.
53% would like to extend unemployment benefits to the long-term jobless, while 42% were opposed.
It is true Wisconsinite's don't care about health care, or about getting their own federal tax dollars back to cover more people. What a hassle.

Taxpayer support of sick people in state's high risk pools, so insurance companies can make a profit from just healthy people, is a lot better than a buggy website that offers tax credits and competition.
35% had a favorable view of health care reform and 56% had an unfavorable view.
Perhaps Wisconsin is getting just what it deserves for a government, with Republican voters happier than heck being told how to live their life under the ruling party's definition of freedom and liberty.

I had no idea so many people living in Wisconsin hated what this state had become over the last century.


  1. Actually, I'd say it shows just how lame Burke's rollout has been. Walker being stuck on 47% isn't a good sign for him, but the fact that 2/3 of Wisconsinites don't know who Burke is shows just how half-ass the DPW and her have been in the campaign so far. If low-info types are forced to choose between "nothing" and "stupid failure", they'll choose the failure.

    I'll also note that Franklin didn't ask if people APPROVED of Obamacare, just went favorable/unfavorable, which brings in a lot of people who may be both "unfavorable" while still admitting it's better than what we had. No need to panic, but it does anger me that there's nowhere near enough Dem pushback on the airwaves.

  2. Burke's flaccid roll out is really the problem. It's the usual "nothing too risky" campaign stuff.

    With an agenda that reflects strong popular support, you'd think it would be a lot easier than this.

  3. Here's a poll question I'd like to see the results for:
    Would you be more or less likely to vote for Scott Walker for governor if you thought he might run for president in the middle of his term?