Friday, January 17, 2014

Tea Party Republicans to seek “Freedom and Liberty” to Buy Things!!!

Maybe you didn't know Republicans in congress actually came up with these important bills:
NewsMax: The Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, but the legislation failed to pass the House. The Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act, sponsored by Rep. Michele Bachmann and eight co-sponsors, was also floated in 2011 but died in a House subcommittee.
Every freedom we have, according to Republicans, now revolves around buying things. Buying guns, light bulbs, health care, politicians, schools…the list goes on and on. Freedom and liberty is quietly being redefined by an entire political party as our God given right to buy things.

Believe it or not, an actual adult posited this amazing upside reason to buy 20th century light bulbs:
"When we make a purchase, it's about quality, price, how much money we have now, can I use that money for a better investment? I don't need the government to say that I am making the incorrect decision and therefore I should buy energy-efficient products," said Daren Bakst, research fellow in agricultural policy at the Heritage Foundation. “Now you have something you can no longer buy. That's really indefensible," he said. 
He’s seriously angry over losing the freedom to buy something bad. Bakst is more concerned with the money he has right now, than in the money he could save in 23 years for LED’s and 9 for CFL’s? He’s defending his freedom to make an “incorrect decision” that effects energy consumption and pollution everywhere.

Bakst is fighting against being smart:
"Forget about choice. It's basically saying not only can you not make smart choices, we have so little faith in you that we will make sure you can't buy those goods anymore. Granted, Congress passed the law, but this looks like the state knows better than the public does," Bakst said.
It appears that way, doesn't it? Coming out against “smart choices” seems wrong on so many levels.

But think of all the jobs lost…yea, just one company. But why aren't American manufacturers making fluorescent and LED light bulbs like China?

General Electric closed a factory with 200 employees in Winchester, Va., that was the last major incandescent manufacturing facility in the United States. Now the work is going to places such as China.

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