Monday, January 27, 2014

GOP Says Planned Parenthood profiting off Abortion, which still hasn't reduced unwanted pregnancies. Huh?

My head is spinning after following this GOP tweet down the rabbit hole: abortion…contraception…unwanted pregnancies…an old 1999 CDC report. 

Looks like social engineering, wedge issues are front and center for the GOP in 2014. The following first paragraph shows how a mass of disconnected factually untrue statements combined with actual statistics are spun into GOP truth:
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The Root, a “black media” subsidiary of The Washington Post, claims that “safe” abortion and contraception save women’s lives. Special correspondent Keli Goff presents a free advertisement for Planned Parenthood. Never mind the abortion chain has never reduced the national unintended pregnancy rate…EVER. The CDC reports (since they started tracking this data in 1995) that the national unintended pregnancy rate hasn't been reduced at all. It’s still 49%. But, Planned Parenthood has successfully increased their share of our tax dollars (now at over $540 million per year) and nationwide abortions since then, currently aborting nearly 330,000 annually.
Unintended pregnancies happen to both married and unmarried women, and in some instances, it’s not always a bad thing. It’s all part of the confusing upside down “keep-them-guessing” blitz of unrelated ideas salad that has made the Republican tea party a laughing stock, yet still a force to reckon with thanks to low information voters. 

This alarmist racist rant pretty much says it all about how bad those minority communities are:
We have more access to contraception and “comprehensive” sex education than ever before yet the black community is plagued with exponentially higher STDs (8 times higher Chlamydia cases and 20 times higher Gonorrhea infections than majority population), massively higher abortion rates at up to 5 times that of whites (e.g. New York State), and devastatingly high fatherlessness where 72.3% of black children are born into homes without fathers. Single female-led homes are the largest contributor to child poverty, increasing poverty risk by 5 times. How’s that for empowerment?

If we just didn't have areas like that…?

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