Monday, January 27, 2014

Republican State Sen. Dale Schultz won't run. Can't identify with his party anymore.

Sad to say my favorite Senate Republican at the Capitol is not seeking reelection. It's goodbye for now from Dale Schultz, who is hinting at a comeback somewhere else:
State Senator Dale Schultz says he's walking away after a lengthy career, choosing to retire after spending the last few of his years in political turmoil. He laments the state of his party, and admits to still feeling "uncomfortable" with his vote last session on voter ID.

"While I certainly believe we need to safeguard the integrity of the ballot box, I think we have crossed the line on a couple of occasions," said Sen. Schultz. "And it’s been a very uncomfortable situation for me having to vote along with the caucus because I've tried to be a good Republican."
Here's the story from Channel3000/WISC:

WKOW's Greg Neumann featured the pre-recorded interview with Schultz on the same day as Schultz's announced retirement. Wanna know why I like him, because he makes more sense and articulates his positions so much better than what we're getting from most Democrats:
Schultz: "Before I talk about what I think is warranted or what I'd like, I want to tell you about what my constituents think..."

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