Friday, January 31, 2014

Ice Fishing Setback: Drone attack on thirst blocked by FAA.

The question I have about the viability of delivering beer through drone filled skies; how do you know your precise co-ordinates, and what about mid-air collisions? 

Like a half conscious mouth drooling alcohol induced fantasy, this video may disappoint ice fishing enthusiasts everywhere....

FoxNews: The Federal Aviation Administration has put the brakes on a brewery's plan to deliver cases of beer to ice fishers on lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Wisconsin-based Lakemaid Beers recently adopted its own version of a delivery drone … the Lakemaid Beer Drone, has been tested on several frozen lakes. The company recently posted a video on YouTube that shows a shop keeper getting a call for a delivery, writing down co-ordinates and strapping a case of beer to a drone. The drone then delivers the beer to ice-fishermen on a nearby lake.

Lakemaid Beer Company’s president, Jack Supple, told the Star Tribune the Lakemaid Beer Drone is grounded for now. 

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