Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Voucher School Closes leaving Kids and Parents Scrambling, Taxpayer money Wasted.

With everything else parents have to worry about, do they really need the aggravation of seeing their kids school closed suddenly in the dead of night?

If Republicans have their way, yes. And while you’re getting a few meager tax cuts around election time, forget about all your hard earned money going to these fly by night voucher schools.
jsonline: A small private school participating in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program abruptly closed in the middle of December, but not before collecting more than $200,000 from taxpayers this academic year to educate students who now attend other schools … LifeSkills Academy, a K-8 school that had dwindled to 66 students, appears to have closed about Dec. 12 … All Saints Catholic Church owns the building that LifeSkills rented … "They moved out, as people say, in the dead of the night," Father Carl Diederichs of All Saints said.

I've got an idea, let’s open the door for more private voucher schools statewide, okay?


  1. The local voucher school had a bring in your own movie day. One kid brought in a home movie about Jesus riding a dinosaur. In color!

  2. From court records it appears that the Monroes have made-off to Florida with JP Morgan Bank in hot pursuit. For once, I wish the banksters great success.