Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Right Wing gives Walker pass on Jobs Promise, but goes after all the Obama broken promises...he never made.

Funny thing, I checked Wisconsin Reporter and the MacIver Institutes websites and didn't find one story about Scott Walker's broken jobs promise. Not one.

Odd isn't it, when all you're hearing from the right wing these days is how Obama broken his promises.

Promises by the way he never really "promised." Republicans always make and get away with empty promises, a tactic not taken up by Democrats. That's why Walker's campaign promise to create 250,000 jobs stood out for voters. Who would be that crazy unless they thought they could do it, right? Suckers.

So today the right wing is filled with reminders of all the supposed broken promises Obama didn't actually make. It's not just hypocritical, but red meat-like bullshit conservative voters just gobble up.

Upfront's Mike Gousha wrote a comment as well about the Marquette poll that reflected the public's low expectations of the governor.

Ironic? The tweet below comes right after Scott Walker's "empty rhetoric, broken promises" state of the state speech:

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