Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mugging the Camera, Walker's State-of-the-State Droned On for 1 Hour 7 Minutes, stealing Paul Ryan's "Path" and renaming it "Blueprint" to Prosperity.

Not one word about the most ponderous, self aggrandizing state-of-the-state speech...ever? 1 hour and 7 minutes? Really, nothing?

Big surprise Scott Walker milked as much media face time as he could. And yet his laundry list of ludicrous seat-of-the-pants ideas stretched on and on for 1 hour and 7 minutes. With so much time, he purposely stayed clear of trying to form a concise coherent "Blueprint" people in the state could understand.

Nothing Scott Walker said in the state-of-the-state was new. He simply rolled standard platform theory into a jumble of long term tax cuts that will essentially putting the state behind the eight ball again during the next economic slowdown or recession.

For Republicans, that's a good thing. They'll force the next Democratic majority to rescue the state again, like Gov. Jim Doyle had to do, while roundly criticizing them for returning tax fairness to the equation. Isn't the news media getting tired of this yet?

Blueprint to Prosperity? Did Walker really steal from Paul Ryan's own "Path to Prosperity?" Oddly, weren't we already 3 years into this supposed "path?" Not working yet?

Note to Democrats: Walker's divide and conquer plan, turning neighbor against neighbor, succeeded in securing a very large percentage of his conservative base in Wisconsin. That base is defensive and protective of their candidate. No matter what Walker does, they'll vote for the guy.

My conservative friend in Milwaukee is a perfect example. He's so tired of defending Walker and bashing Obama, that he's decided to distance himself from politics altogether. Whatever happens now is off his radar, and not a factor in the upcoming election. I wonder how many other conservatives have taken this same low information hard line path?

And will someone please ask why, after over 3 years, Walker is still blaming Gov. Doyle for all of his problems, including the Great Recession?

And speaking of the Great Recession, Mary Burke wasn't even there when it hit. The GOP's got nothing. Come on, this is the easy stuff.


  1. "And will someone please ask why, after over 3 years, Walker is still blaming Gov. Doyle for all of his problems, including the Great Recession?"

    It has been over 5 years and the Democrats are still blaming Bush for everything wrong in this country.

  2. It was a talking point I couldn't resist throwing back at Republicans, who to this day whine about Obama blaming Bush for unpaid for wars, Medicare's drug program, and tax cuts. Oh, those are real reasons.

    Unlike Walker who blames Doyle for the Great Recession. Send me a story where Doyle is blamed, okay. Thanks.