Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Affordable Care Act update....

Despite being one of the few who had their application approved, I couldn't advance beyond that stage. Thinking the new updates to the website kept me from going further, I deleted my approved application and started over.

It was then, just at the end of November, that I could no longer log into the site. Since then I've used their toll free number. I'm now on application #4.

Note: What I've noticed this so far: The monthly premiums are coming in at about half the price as the old individual market. I might be eligible for more discounts, but won't know until I'm apply for a plan. Everything else is the same. So for those who are complaining...what are you talking about? Co-pays, deductibles, maximum out-of-pocket costs are the same now as they were. All deductibles were going through the roof well before the Affordable Care Act.

Big Problem: Having no insurance for my family, we tried to make the Dec. 23rd deadline. It was not to be. An odd thing happened. My two children, 11 and 14, were split off from us, their parents. I kept reapplying and kept getting the same result. My kids had to have their own insurance plan, which would entail another policy, deductible, co-pay and maximums. Not affordable for us and ridiculous. Minors cannot contractually have their own plan. This was supposed to be a simple family plan. I've had to appeal the findings, which will take an additional 90 days, which is near the second cut-off point.

Going without insurance in a nerve racking experience, and we could lose everything after a simple minor accident.

We're also trying something else, and I'll have more on that later. But for now, no coverage, the site still doesn't work, and time is running out.

I blame Governor Walker for not creating our own state website, and doing as little as possible to help Wisconsinites get health care coverage. This is a form of health care terrorism directed at the least among us.

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