Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Walker's DNR gets "F" for Lousy Hunting Season, 15% Decline in Total Harvest.

They can’t blame the Doyle administration for this one.

Our macho Republican legislature tried like hell to get more people out into the woods to hunt, giving them cheap gun licenses, brought in an anti-science oddball “deer whisperer” from Texas, gave every nut-job a gun and loosened regulations, promoted hunting classes, tried but failed to give a Koch brothers fishing and hunting front group taxpayer money, and pretty much ignored our passage into the 21st century.  Did it work?
Not this year....

Nope. Apparently our rugged outdoors-men/women thought it was too cold? Give the Walker Authority another big failing grade. Oh, and where’s the hunter outrage like in the past?

Our know-it-all DNR stumbled all over itself spewing excuses:
WSJ: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources official … Tom Hauge told the board frigid temperatures on opening weekend forced hunters out of the woods.

He also noted the long 2012-13 winter took a toll on the northern herd, resulting in fewer fawns and a lack of food that translated to weaker antler development.
Don’t blame us, blame Mother Nature:
"If you were hunting in the northern forest, you were up against Mother Nature and reduced deer populations," Hauge said.
If you’re scoring this at home, here are the facts:
Hunters killed 226,582 deer during the nine-day hunt, down 7 percent from last year. The buck kill was down 15 percent. The antlerless harvest was unchanged.

The northern area of the state saw a 15 percent decline in total harvest, the sharpest overall drop in any region.
Heck-of-job Walker. You would have thought hunting near and around schools would have made the difference this time around. 

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