Wednesday, December 4, 2013

MacIver Institute pushes Government Broken Promises, like Medicare/Medicaid Cuts to Nursing Homes. GOP backed Sequestration at fault.

While little is said about the GOP's successful efforts to trip up the Affordable Care Act, you'd think that maybe just one reporter would question Scott Walker's claim the government will probably break its promise funding Medicaid's expansion. "There's a history of broken promises."

Democrats won't Cut Safety Nets, so Who's Breaking those Promises?: Perhaps its a matter of projection? After all, Paul Ryan Republicans want to scale back our the safety nets (hammocks). The GOP has been saying all along that the government "made promises they couldn't keep" regarding Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. If you can't keep your promises, break them, right?

The MacIver Institute toadies for the Walker Authority kindly offered an example I could finally fact check. In a damning piece of intentional deception, Sec. of Health Services Kitty Rhoades feigned moral outrage over recent unexpected Medicare/Medicaid cuts to nursing homes. The dreaded "broken promise." 

But that's not the whole story, and they know it. Republicans created this problems, just so they could complain about it:
April 10, 2013: CMS changes nursing home inspections in response to sequestration cuts: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will change some nursing home survey procedures in response to budget cuts from sequestration … The CMS Survey & Certification budget has been reduced 5% from 2012, the agency announced.
The CMS memo clearly stated: 
“LSC Survey Focus: In FY2013 and FY2014 we undertake the dual challenge of (a) responding to resource limitations under the new budget sequester, and (b) enforcing…”
Democrats want to kill the sequestration, tea party Republicans love it.

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