Monday, December 2, 2013

Walker's low road campaign!!! He's even pushing the "Walker hater" talking point to win election in a Tweet. Desperate?

The language of the rightwing authoritarians has always fascinated me. They're marketing animals, pushing new slogans and re-engineered talking points that simply repackage what we already know is a failed ideological system of government.

The Return of the “You just Hate…(fill in the blank)” tactic: It worked so well in defending George W., that what the heck, why not our embattled “divide and conquer” governor Scott Walker.

Walker calmly denies he’s been divisive, and instead, blames fabrications and lies made up by union bosses to "rev you up.” Yea, that’s sounds just like something the “herding cats party” would do. Projection much?

But guess whose Tweet sent me to the following conservative talk radio hate site?
Walker's promoting the "Walker haters" theme as a distraction from actual policy criticisms. We just hate Walker, that's all you need to know. How easy is that for low information voters to argue?
WTAQ's Jerry Bader: During 2011 and 2012 we had a regular feature on my show called the Unhinged Badger. It chronicled the unhinged behavior of Governor Scott Walker haters around the state. Walker's new book "Unintimidated" appears to have awakened the Unhinged Badger. Libs are signing up at to trash a book they obviously never read. 
It’s true, many of the one star comments are from those who've never read the book, but that's true of the 3 and 4 star reviewers. 
You can read some of the reviews for yourself ... Walker haters who never touched the book. Even the liberal Capital Times concedes these reviews are mostly Walker haters who've never read the book ... showing just how strong the Walker hatred is. 
Bader lives in Walker's bubble, so of course, he saw the protest the same way Walker did, from his dark hiding place in the Capitol. In fact, Bader says "it feels very much like Walker's words." How unique?
I've read Walker's book. Actually, he and co-author Marc Theissen did a very good job of capturing what happened in Wisconsin during Act 10. And it feels very much like Walker's words and experiences, not the words of a ghost writer. But, read it for yourself and if you like it, let people at know about it.
And if you don't like it, don't leave a review, or you'll be seen as a "Walker hater."

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