Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thank You Scott Walker, my Taxes Went Up...a Lot!

To hear Scott Walker describe it, property tax payers across the state are seeing their bills go down, thanks to his fiscally conservative right wing policies. With Walker shrinking services and reducing our "dependence on government," I'm supposed to "feel like" taxes are going down.

But wait, my property taxes went up, from $4880 to $5128. Perhaps Walker thinks that additional $248 is actually a reduction from what it could have been under a Democratic governor.

Walker is telling us we're paying less now in taxes, so it must be true, even though I've never seen by property taxes increase this much in years. Another bad attempt at a Jedi mind trick?

Here's the WISGOP ad that makes one huge lie in the first 8 seconds:


  1. My property taxes went up $533.44. I must be living in an alternate universe I thought I was going to get $13 back???

  2. my taxes went up to $2,000 and my spouse is a teacher. we are considering if we can even afford to live in the state anymore under Walker