Saturday, December 21, 2013

Republicans Biggest Constitutional Dummies!!! Unknowingly Bash Free Market too!!!

Two examples of conservative stupidity in one week!!! What a Christmas gift.

Both Scott Walker and Sarah Palin blew all their credibility (let's pretend they had some) as "constitutional conservatives" over the most pointless issues.

Scott Walker mistakenly believes having racist public school mascots is a free speech issue because..."there's a variety of different opinions out there." You just never know, it could be constitutional.
Walker: "I'm not a lawyer...I don't think you need a lawyer to say that free speech invokes a variety of things..."
So it's okay to deny the truth. This same theme is used to make the comments by the suspended Duck Dynasty star a constitutional violation too. First, here's Walker's embarrassing nod to the tea party, from WISC:

Ed Schultz exposed the right wing stupidity and confusion as well, as they conflated the free market with constitutional rights. Add Bobby Jindal to list of constitutionally clueless governors. Ironically, conservatives are actually railing against their beloved free market:

Howard Kurtz point blank said it wasn't a constitutional issue, but free market decision too. And yet, the Fox News host believed that if enough people are offended, it does become a free speech issue. Breathtaking:

Constitutional conservatives? Again, just the opposite. John Nichols wrote a nice piece on this in the nation.

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