Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kelly Westlund takes on Tea Party's Sean Duffy.

Rep. Sean Duffy's adolescent behavior in congress needs to come to an end. The tea party goal of tanking the economy so they can start everything over again, including writing a whole new constitution, can't be a Wisconsin value..or sane for that matter.

An outspoken critic of the GTAC mine, Kelly Westlund is a no nonsense powerhouse. Here's Westlund debating Rep. Scott Suder on WKOW's Capitol City Sunday. She kicked his ass:

WPR: Ashland city councilwoman and small business owner Kelly Westlund has announced her candidacy against U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wisc).

One of her first priorities would be raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour. “Sean Duffy refuses to support raising the minimum wage to a living wage for working people, and then he complains that he struggles to get by on his salary of $174,000 a year,” said Westlund.

Westlund said she would make an issue out of Duffy's role in the events leading to the U.S. government shutdown. “In this district there are a lot of federal workers, and when those federal workers weren't getting their paychecks, that's money that wasn't being reinvested in our local communities,” said Westlund.
WISGOP chimed in with another one of their empty and meaningless comments:
In a press release, Westlund’s candidacy was slammed by the Republican Party of Wisconsin, which said she “would be nothing more than a blank check for Barack Obama.”
They’ve got absolutely to come back with, and little to defend when you consider how Duffy backed the government shutdown and flushed $24 billion down the drain:
Westlund told reporters that she would stand up to the president on the issue of social security cuts. “It's kind of absurd to me that Sean Duffy would talk about me being a blank check for President Obama when he's a blank check for big money interests like oil companies.”


  1. Sean Duffy just had another one of his "Sean Duffy" Job Fair in Wausau. With the actual work and sweat of the Marathon County Job Center staff setting the whole thing up, once again Sean Duffy showed up and became the champion of the unemployed.
    He voted to zero out funding for the job centers across the nation along with the Workforce Investment Act training programs for dislocated workers and low income unemployed. This funding amounts to around $4 billion nationwide and he voted to zero it out. At the same time he voted to keep the $4 billion giveaway to the big oil companies.
    It will be interesting to watch him vote no on extending unemployment so close to his hypocrisy "Job Fair".

  2. One more thing....there were around 1200 people in his district that were participating in the job training programs when he voted to zero them out. This along with over 3000 people in the Wausau area alone, losing jobs through the closings of Fiskars, SNE, Wausau Paper, Federal Mogul and others, show what a total asswipe he is.
    I hope Kelly uses this information, unlike Pat Krietlow who knew this and chose to run lumber jack commercials instead.