Thursday, December 19, 2013

Walker refuses Vets Pardon, Dashing Career as Police Officer over past Felony.

Want to see just how sociopathic Scott Walker really is? Walker is calm. His unshakable demeanor and droopy eye'd stare has always been a dead giveaway, but his refusal to even consider just one pardon while governor is brutal and revealing. WKOW's Tony Galli captured the moment:
Walker: "If you pick one there's thousands of other examples out there of people who may not have the media or other outlets behind them, who would be in an equal position who probably have a compelling case to be made that we don't know about." 
A former felon over a substantial battery conviction, and combat vet with a degree in criminal justice wants to get into law enforcement but needs a pardon to be able to have a gun. Walker has decided to deny him the ability to carry.
Walker: "I think there's a number of other areas that (have) tremendous needs in the state of Wisconsin," Walker said.

The Party of Punishment
See the nice analysis at MAL Contends.

Walker starts a trend: As more and more people fall through the cracks, and as safety nets are shredded, Walker will try to marginalized the media reports of these victims. Walker and other Republicans know victims stories will turn the public against them. Walker is leading that movement. 


  1. Interesting that Walker apparently has no concept of justice, fair play or the merit of individual cases. Just some idea of an imaginary quota and media pressure. If thousands of cases are brought to the Governor's attention by the media or others and, on further investigation, every single one of them proves worthy of a pardon, then there's nothing to prevent Governor Walker from issuing a pardon to every single one of them. The only limit is Walker's imagination, and conscience.

    As it is, what worthy cases there are each becomes one more reason why Walker should not be Governor.

  2. Conscience? Therein lies the rub, MadCity Voter. Dear Leader has no conscience to inform his thinking, of that I am sure.

  3. Walker is the one that should be locked up.

  4. I sincerely look forward to reading this politician's obituary. I shall probably have a party. Other than that, there is nothing I could say about Scott Walker that could not be construed as something that would have the Wisconsin State Stormtroopers breaking down my door.

    In my voting ward in Milwaukee, Walker received just under 5% of the vote in 2010; in the 2012 recall, he soared to 7½%. My neighbors and I did our part in trying to keep this ambulatory feces out of office, so don't blame us.

  5. I agree that Walker is a terrible politician and human being. And I don't agree with his reasoning in this case. But all over the nation we have a problem with police violence. I'm not sure I'm keen on letting someone with a violent felony become a cop. And given his experiences, isn't a probation officer a much better fit?