Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Walker again blames former governor and Mary Burke for Great Recession. Will someone stop him, please?

The fact that the media has let Scott Walker slide on saying the job losses during the Great Recession were caused by our former governor and Mary Burke, has made this lunacy legitimate. WSJ:
Walker said ...“And then as secretary of Commerce under Jim Doyle … those policies when she was part of the administration saw the state losing 133,000 jobs.”
Please make it end…please...

One Party/Big Talk: It's easy to talk big about promises when you're leading a pack of one party jackals at the Capitol. Walker knows that, so he's using that to tease our Democratic candidate. It's just another cheap shot in his campaign quiver. Add that to his dislike of "divided government," and it's goodbye a system of checks and balances.

Irony: The GOP is the party of broken promises. Aren't Republicans the ones who want to break these promises: SS benefits and Medicare. Their reason is just as insulting; "we over promised."  

Walker's promises have taken Wisconsin in the wrong direction and in some cases were outright lies: 
On Tuesday, Walker also knocked Burke’s statement that she wouldn't make any promises in the campaign. “We’re going to make big, bold promises about the future and the reason that people can take those to the bank is we made big, bold promises in the past and time and time again we've either completely fulfilled them or we've shown we've done everything in our power to fulfill them,”
So Walker is campaigning on "we can make promises, you can't?" Amazing.

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  1. Time and again Scott Walker's "bold promises" have led to nothing but disaster.

    Wisconsin voters need to wise up. If the promises are rotten to start with then following through with them (by whatever definition the Governor is using this week) is the destructive foolishness of a small-minded hobgoblin. Only an idiot would reward unthinking and unresponsive consistency without paying any heed to the real world results.