Friday, December 27, 2013

Walker short on Jobs...oh, let's talk about cutting taxes.

Hey,  it's the holidays, and another wave of family coming for Saturday. So the stories are just dribbling out on my end. But...

I did see this at PolitiFact, and thought it was easy enough for even teabillies to understand. This is the news Scott Walker is distracting us from with talk of getting rid of the state income tax. Yea, right.

The latest monthly report, and revisions to previous reports, boost Walker's tally by 10,890 jobs. That brings the total number of jobs added since he took office to an estimated 104,372, or about 42 percent of the total the governor promised.

Put another way, he's got 145,628 jobs to add with 13 months to go.

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  1. Walkers’ regime is in a downward free-fall. The people he has to find to administer his pathocracy, those with corresponding psychological deviations, are in short supply, constituting a small percentage of the population. Simply put there are not enough deviates to keep the politics afloat.