Monday, December 30, 2013

Reality Defying Republicanism would devastate U.S., increase poverty!

When the more sensationalized news cycle slows, the more interesting details rise to the surface that not only highlight our problems, but showcase our successes and solutions.

But these solutions, opposed by Republicans for ideological reasons, are given short shrift by the media.  Media assumes conservative suggestions to turn the economy around are just as relevant as the real solutions, which by historical standards have already proven themselves out.

Charts Galore: I found these amazing graphs that trashes all the Republicans "solutions" to our economic woes. Even common sense Americans oppose the GOP agenda, all the while supporting and voting these goofballs into office.

"Entitlement" Programs Very Successful vs GOP Lies:
As for public's view of "entitlements," big surprise, they believe in them. Yet Republican still win elections: 

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