Friday, December 13, 2013

Walker wants to throw away taxpayer money, by giving it to insurers off the exchanges, killing reform. He's got the Fox News endorsement.

Fox News isn't afraid to show how little they know about health care insurance, and the problems with the individual market. But this is ridiculous.

Walker is desperately trying to create an issue, a false target for tea party low information voters, that as explained below, is pure malarkey:
Walker: "If they don't approve this, this would ultimately exposing this isn't about access, and this isn't about affordability, it's about the government playing a heavier hand in these decisions." 
A heavier negotiating lower prices on the exchange? Walker is clueless about the individual markets biggest flaw; people have all the buying power He really doesn't know.

Here's the embarrassing Fox News campaign coverage:

Scott Walker's a perfect fit for Fox News too, selling them on his irresponsible idea that would give taxpayer subsidies to insurers not on the exchanges. A few HUGE problems with that:

1. The states are supposed to negotiate a lower price for participating insurers, because that keeps cost very low, like in those states that set up their exchanges. It also reveals to us how the Walker Authority didn't help Wisconsinites get lower prices. They've denied it, but Walker just can't keep a secret if there's a Fox News camera in the area.

2. How can health care buyers compare prices side by side when insurers aren't all on one site?

3. Walker's idea is an open door to abuse, where insurers will be under no pressure to compete or lower prices. This blows up what has turned out to be an unexpected ability to control costs, and completely negates the business model changes providers like doctors and hospitals have put in place.

4. Insurers know they've got a sure thing in taxpayer money, so premiums will rise with the expectation that they'll be able to reach deeper into the governments pockets.
Keep in mind these are things just off the top of my head, imagine what an insurer can come up with a month, year or few years time.

Walker's a lousy business man (WEDC), lousy at budgeting (projected debt), a failure at attracting jobs/business, and is so hampered by his own narrow ideological vision that this poison pill for health care reform shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

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