Thursday, December 5, 2013

Walker’s taking the Sgt. Schultz “I know nothing” defense, again in Firing of Racist Grinch-like Aide!

Scott Walker's Teflon defense of ignorance got old a long time ago, but this is getting ridiculous:
WSJ-Mary Spicuzza: Gov. Scott Walker said he didn't support the email his fired campaign staffer sent urging people to donate to his campaign rather than go "Black Friday" shopping for their children. And Walker said he wasn't aware of offensive tweets targeting Latinos that the same staffer had posted several years ago.
Here’s a guy who’s not just running for governor, but president, and still doesn't control his own campaign message or staff?

“Tone:” Walker objects to the "tone," and not necessarily foregoing Christmas gifts for our kids:
"It's certainly not something I would have put out," Walker said of the fundraising email. "I think the tone would have certainly been different. But obviously the reason for that person no longer being there is much bigger than just that particular email."

Palmisano's unusual fundraising email drew national attention and was widely panned. 
Scott Walker’s “I know nothing. I was not here! I did not even get up this morning!” defense:
Walker said he hadn't known about the tweets. "We didn't know about them. I think like
most employers, we don't spend time going back … "But obviously, when it was brought to our attention, it was something that concerned our campaign, and concerned me, and we took action just like we did here at the state."  
Wait a minute! Firing an employee was just like the action Walker took here in the state? He’s using this as a vehicle to repeat his campaign message? 

And Walker had no idea Palmisano held these deeply troubling racist feelings, right?
Palmisano, 23, was a finance intern for the Walker campaign from January to July before being promoted to deputy finance director, according to her profile on Linked-In. She also was previously a finance intern at the Republican Party of Wisconsin. In his newly released book "Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge," Walker credited Palmisano and other members of his campaign staff with building on the success of his previous election teams.

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