Sunday, December 1, 2013

Walker Pushing One-Party Nation, One Courageous Leader.

Scott Walker's whirlwind book tour revealed more to Wisconsinites than all the months he's been in office, where he's courageously hidden away from the hoards of protesters greeting him at every public appearance. Sorry, showing up at closed off right wing corporate speaking engagements don't count as public.

Walker's one party cakewalk utopia in Wisconsin felt so good, he's now pushing the idea nationwide, just in case he becomes president.

In a bizarre cheap shot at Democratic challenger Mary Burke, Walker chides her for not making any promises like he did, knowing she'd be dealing with a radicalized Republican legislature not likely to send anything she wants her way.

And Walker should talk, since he's failed miserably on his 250,000 jobs promise and opening Wisconsin up for business (one person LLC's don't count). Oddly, he's sticking to those promises. Are you getting the feeling he's got another con up his sleeve as a bailout?

BIG MISTAKE: Listen to the career politician talk about business, like he knows something about it:
Walker: "You don't hire someone asking them how long they'er going to work for your company..."
Wow, that is so wrong, so clueless, just ask any business owner. Even more embarrassing, he's repeating that story over and over. I say go for it. But that's not all. Walker also proves he doesn't value a long term LOYAL employee, with this little condescension:
Walker: "What you hire them for, is to say, "What will you do for my company...?" 
From WPT's Here and Now:


  1. What's that line from the other Dubya? "It's be a lot easier to be president if we had a dictatorship."?

    Then you don't have to care about the vast majority of your constituents, and you can implement whatever kind of random crap you want. Wait, that's what Scotty does now, doesn't he?

  2. Which came first? Walker or the lie?