Thursday, December 5, 2013

Walker's "principled" rejection of Medicaid expansion costs Wisconsin Taxpayers $1.8 Billion of their own money.

Saving taxpayer money is an oft repeated meaningless line from the Walker administration. But it's not the money, it's the belief system. How else can you explain wasting so much of our taxpayer money on health care, without a peep coming from tea party voters:
TPM: States not expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare will be collectively lose more than $35 billion in federal funds in 2022 alone, according to a new report from the Commonwealth Fund. 

Commonwealth Fund President David Blumenthal said in a statement, “Federal funds that pay for state Medicaid programs are raised through federal general revenue collection—taxes paid by residents in all states—whether or not they participate in the program. Therefore, taxpayers in states not participating in the Medicaid expansion will bear a share of the overall cost, without benefitting from the program.


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  2. Well it wouldn't be "principled" if it made any kind of economic sense, now would it? It would just be the smart thing to do ;-)

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