Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The spokesperson and Tea Party Opponent of Common Core could use a little education.

Can you believe it, this guy opposes Common Core? Jeffrey Horn is part of...are you ready for another crazy right wing name; Stop Common Core Wisconsin. Yes, they're against Common Core, and they aren't about to change their mind...they can't, it's in their name.
The pictures says it all....

If Wisconsin voters want to turn education over to tea party right wing opponents of pubic education, like Horn, then we're in real trouble as a state.

Horn is under the delusion that State Superintendent Tony Evers, just reelected, rolled out Common Core 3 years ago in secret so he could sneak it past the public while indoctrinating kids with liberal ideas.

But we knew. Many of us with kids did our homework, asked our questions, and got the lowdown on Common Core. We can't help it that tea party losers aren't paying attention. Walker's media lackey's have kept all this from them, with subjects like "death panels," Benghazi, constitutional name it.

Watch in amazement as Horn threatens to go to court over Evers supposed disregard for public input, and for carrying out the duties of his office. WKOW:

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