Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Slippery Slope of Ridiculous Gun Laws!

Perhaps we should talk more about one of Scott Walker’s more irresponsible responses in office: signing Act 35, a law that allows strangers with loaded guns the right to carry in a school zone during the 2014 midterm elections.  

Pubic safety in CC's Nik Clark's hands
It seems crazy, right? In the throws of passing over-the-top special interest gun legislation, juvenile
paranoids got the "right" to carry guns around our kids. It was a defensive ideological calculation, having little to do with kids.

It’s that NRA "slippery slope" thing, where every new attempt to keep the public safe with common sense laws could result in banning all guns. So they've used the slippery slope rule against all regulation. 

Now the cowards who backed CC around schools think threatening bus riders might make society just a little more polite around them.
WSJ: Gun rights advocates are preparing a court challenge to (Madison) Metro Transit’s weapons ban on city buses, contending it violates state law.
Law abiding gun owners…are lawbreakers, big surprise: Like all conservative self-righteous individuals, they have the higher calling in life. Being a part of the majority of Americans intimidated by gun toting strangers, we don’t count, not even a little. These adolescent bullies only obey the laws they like. A voluntary legal system?  
CC Pres. Clark in Road Warrior?
CC President Nik Clark said Wisconsin Carry members probably have been carrying guns on buses anyway because they’re confident the city’s policy is unenforceable, or not doing so because they want to avoid trouble.
Economic threat to targets: CC groups are hoping that just the cost of litigation alone will help them win the “right” to carry anywhere. Remember, conservatives are the ones pushing tort reform so litigation costs don’t bankrupt targeted victims, except when works for them. And they're not shy about saying so:
In a letter dated Nov. 19, Clark asked Metro to review policy to comply with state law and “avoid impending civil litigation,” Clark said. “It’s our hope to avoid litigation. It’s likely to be more costly for the city than it is for us.”
CC is attempting to take our Rights Away: CC owners won't be happy until other people lose the right to choose their own safety measures:
The city’s position is consistent with a state Department of Justice memo from July 2013, which says private and public entities may restrict transport of weapons, May said, noting language covers private cab and bus companies.
Where is it normal to trust armed strangers?

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