Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Paul Ryan cuts Medicare, again. And Janesville Voters Love it!!!

Paul Ryan has targeted Medicare for years (not Democratic Sen. Patty Murray), so any cuts to Medicare get listed on his side of the ledger. Period.

In the meantime, voters are unaware the Republican backed sequester is making cuts to Medicare all the time. 

My conservative friend in Milwaukee blames ObamaCare for making Medicare cuts (reforms really) that he says will make more doctors and hospitals drop out of the program.  

Now what buddy? Republicans, quick to blame government for breaking their promise to seniors, are the ones doing all the breaking. And Ryan just added two more years of sequester cuts to Medicare for good measure.
Budget Deal Whacks Medicare Providers

"The budget proposal saves $28 billion over ten years by requiring the President to sequester the same percentage of mandatory budgetary resources in 2022 and 2023 as will be sequestered in 2021 under current law," it says.

"Mandatory budget resources" refers mostly to Medicare providers.

"America’s hospitals have grave concerns about the Murray-Ryan proposed budget agreement and urge Members of Congress to oppose it," Chip Kahn, president of the Federation of American Hospitals, said in a statement. "The budget agreement threatens access to critical health care services for seniors by trading off Medicare cuts for increases in government and defense spending today. Rather than providing relief to the arbitrary Medicare sequester cuts, this agreement maintains the current cuts and extends these cuts into the future. It sustains bad budget policy under the guise of solving real mandatory spending issues facing this country." 
And while the media fawns all over Ryan, the supposed "wonkish budgetary genius," voters are getting the wrong impression.

Have we been beaten into the ground so long that not shutting down the government is considered a victory?

BE WARNED, this won't be pretty: Check out the heaped on praise by Janesville residents who just had their Medicare safety net cut. It really is enough to turn your stomach. From the soft news station WISC:

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