Sunday, December 15, 2013

Republicans Attack a big Wisconsin business like Trek Bikes!

The following comment made by gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke got me thinking about the WISGOP attack on Trek Bikes.

Isn’t it interesting how quick and easy it is for Republicans to turn on a big Wisconsin business that employs 1000 people, not to mention the many jobs created by Trek suppliers? This is how they want to create jobs and attract businesses?

The Walker administration has always been hostile to businesses not aligned with conservative values or interests. Think about it voters, a major employer like Trek is getting criticized and bashed by Republicans. 
jsonline: Burke has another issue to bring up; the very uncertain anti-business climate created by Walker.

She says her family is also prepared for the campaign, especially with Waterloo-based Trek Bicycle sure to come under a microscope. Burke's brother John is the firm's CEO. "My brother has a pretty strong backbone himself," she says. "I, of course, believe the attacks on Trek are just completely unfounded. Trek is a great company, does great stuff for Wisconsin, has great people and treats its people really well. The largest single shareholder in Trek is the employee stock option group. It does so much for the community and it doesn't toot its horn very much. So, yes, it's not pleasant and it's not fair but it will happen.

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