Sunday, December 15, 2013

Democrats fold on Unemployment, let GOP off Shutdown Hook in time for Midterms.

Democrats prevented the Republicans from self destructing. Hooray for us?

What were the Democrats thinking? Basically, the Democratic Party didn't want to go through another shutdown, that's the responsible thing to do, but....

...the Democrats continued to play the abused partner role in politics, taking what they could get from a Republican bad deal. Avoiding the shutdown and protecting the GOP's bad behavior without any consequences again only encourages them to continue their radical agenda. The best thing the Democrats could do is force the Republicans to change their ways by making them deal with their radical right wing. Now, that's not ever going to happen.

Ed Schultz gives every good reason why the Democrats should have walked away from the deal. And without an unemployment extension and no cuts to Medicare in 2022 and 2023. This is a brutal loss for the Democrats and the worst strategic move in the last 50 years.

Watch how the Democrats interviewed here say they'll "keep talking," clueless to outrageous surrender. It's so sad.

Check out Blue Cheddar's post on this pathetic Democratic move.

We did have one Democrat who didn't show weakness, Rep. Mark Pocan. WISC:

And with Democratic help, Rep. Paul Ryan can now concentrate all the GOP's efforts on destroying the Affordable Care Act. Nice move guys:

Maybe a Good Thing: Ryan's plans for "patient centered" health care will finally get the public scrutiny it has avoided for years. Maybe Americans will find out:

1. "Patient centered" sounds good as a federal policy, but in the states, Governors are rolling back patient power, by removing consumer protections, increasing junk insurance policies by allowing shopping across state lines, limits on malpractice, small print legalese filled with insurer loopholes.

2. "Access" to health care means you can get help, if you can afford it. That's what we had before, during the good old days of health care bankruptcy's, car wash fundraisers for our neighbor kids heart surgery, preexisting conditions...oh why can't we have all that again?

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