Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Republican Rep. Knudson wants to "ensure teachers have a voice?" Sure you do...

Hey folks our “small government” Republicans are drawing new, more expansive and complicated regulations to muddle up our lives.

Hey, let’s create a special education maze, filled with dead ends that eventually lead directly to their already determined ideologically driven end? The target? Common Core:
Rep. Dean Knudson (R-Hudson) today introduced legislation that would create a new process for the adoption and revision of statewide model academic standards.
Knudson even has the balls to suggest we now listen to…teachers? But that’s what Act 10 did away with?
“When we talk about our kids and what we expect them to learn, we need to ensure that parents and teachers have a voice,” said Rep. Knudson.
I know, I almost choked on that one. Knudson should pay closer attention to emerging trends, maybe even do his job, and stop blaming everyone else for missing the roll out of Common Core.

This just reinforces what we already knew about tea party Republicans; and that is their normal agenda of political distractions is working all too well, on themselves and their party members. What's that? A call from who...ALEC? Gotta go.

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