Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Walker still doesn't understand the Health Care Problem, pushing Subsidies on the open market.

Scott Walker doesn't get it. He doesn't understand the individual health care insurance marketplace, he's been a career politician getting taxpayer health benefits. Walker is getting support from low information voters and leaders of the legislature. Here’s Walker idiotic plan:
Two weeks ago, Walker requested that consumers be allowed to use the federal subsidies to buy any health plan offered in Wisconsin. That request, which would represent a substantial change of policy for the Affordable Care Act, is unlikely to win approval from the Obama administration.
What, a substantial change? Not a big deal for a law breaking dictatorial president like Obama, right. But wait, it appears Walker would make that illegal and substantial change if he were president, no matter how the Affordable Care Act was written.

It’s a terrible idea that would only raise rates dramatically, crushing people with what would inevitably be unaffordable premiums:
jsonline: Jonathan Gruber, an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said he didn't agree with the larger proposal by Walker to allow consumers to use the federal subsidies to buy health policies not offered on the exchanges. Gruber said the point of the exchange and its more limited coverage choices is to ensure that everyone gets robust insurance and that the market is financially sustainable.
"Right now, the Wisconsin insurance market is highly discriminatory, with young and healthy folks able to get products at low prices and older and sicker folks left out of the system. A primary goal of the ACA is to remedy this...But that can raise average prices as the (insurance) pool gets sicker," Gruber said. "If the young and healthy can use the tax credit to stay out of the reformed insurance market, then it will worsen the price increase in that market."
Makes sense, doesn't it? But Rep. Robin Vos has never been a guy to make sense out of anything, as he heartily, eagerly jumps on board:
But Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said he … especially favored the larger one giving consumers the greatest number of options. "I like that even better. More choice is good," Vos said.
Disconnected from the realities of the private individual market? You bet. Despite the much higher prices, as predicted by the creator of the health care marketplaces, Vos likes the free market, because…well, just because? Freedom and liberty!!


  1. More choice is good and subsidizing all policy holders is better? That explains why Walker and company ended income restrictions on BadgerCare. oh wait ...

  2. Maybe you should pray to your god...

  3. Anonymous, you are one sick person. If you need that bizarro fantasy described in that video to make you feel better, you have bigger problems.

  4. More choice is good! How about a public option?