Monday, December 16, 2013

Poor Scott Walker, no one listened to him during the protests, and other complete fabrications.

It was the following Scott Walker comment that attracted me to the included video interview below. There's so much to literally hate here that it's hard to know where to start. But it does show how upside down everything is in Republican world. Truly stunning. Fiscal Times:
Walker: "One problem is that we conservatives think and talk with our heads – the left thinks and talks with their hearts. We need to think more with our heads and talk more with our hearts.”
In other words, Republicans need to talk like the "left." George W. never stopped talking about his gut decisions. Heck, Stephen Colbert used that as a running gag for years...still does. And yet to Walker, Republicans are too "intellectual?"

Walker isn't done. He doesn't understand why anyone would dare criticize him, or force him take so much outside campaign money from billionaires. And what about citizen protesters unhappy with his one party freight train barreling down the tracks? :
Walker: "(The unions took) “millions of dollars in ads against me, an amount you’d expect only in a [national] campaign. There were 100,000 protestors in the capital. The media would only listen to their side – it’s interesting to cover protests, not so interesting to cover details."
Yea, it was just 100,000 protesters. Too bad the newspapers couldn't find our media shy governor.

Despite the impossibility of a market driven health care system, Walker's plan (like Paul Ryan's) creates a false premise to sell his idea while pretending none of the problems people are seeing now and listed below (rising costs, dropped plans, finding new doctors) existed before ObamaCare. Since Walker is a career politicians, he probably clueless about private health care or the individual market. I've been in it for over 20 years so:
Walker: (Obamacare is “horrible” because it’s not market driven) “The president promised people they could keep their doctors and their plans. That’s not happening. People are also feeling sticker shock now. It is anything but affordable. Republicans need to offer a viable alternative. We owe it to Americans to put them back in charge of their own health care decisions. The current system isn’t effective. It’s not market driven or patient centered. It’s bureaucracy driven.”
Hold on!!! Walker trashed the idea of  "patient centered" care when he changed state law from a "reasonable patient standard" to a "reasonable physician standard," where the doctor doesn't have to tell a patient everything they need to know. Explain that one Governor. And before that, Walker signed a law removing the requirement that the small print in insurance contracts be understandable to an 8th grader. Now you need lawyer. How is that "patient centered?

Walker is being given so much credit for presiding over a one party system of government. Hate to see the guy break a sweat listening to the Democratic opposition. Let's face it, who needs their vote anyway? I predict Walker will only run for president if he can lead a one party government, he even said so:
Walker: “Nationally, it’s not enough for Republicans to hold the House. We have a big opportunity to regain the U.S. Senate. Then two years later, it makes for a compelling case that we can complete the reforms by putting a new chief executive in the White House.”
Is anybody getting this...? Here's the included video where Walker credits smart Democrats for voting for him in the recall election. He even says he added money to education, even though he cut nearly a billion dollars and gave most of that additional cash to vouchers.

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