Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson in on next ObamaCare scheme: Make Exchanges GOP Friendly Corporate Money Makers.

Since the Affordable Care Act was based on an idea cooked by the conservative Heritage Foundation, all it'll take are a few tweaks here and there, and like magic insurers and providers are making fist loads of money off sick people again...at the expense of the public of course. 
Huffington Post: Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson conceded on Monday that the battle to fully repeal Obamacare had been lost and Republicans should now "start talking about transitioning." One element that is already there, at least in states run by Democrats, is the insurance exchange, "Am I opposed to state-based exchanges? No," he said. "It may be that they can be usable."
It won't be long before Republicans find a way to corrupt the exchanges.

Scott Walker has his own plan; to hand out and waste taxpayer subsidies on any plan that has an insurance company name on it, junk policy or not. But who knows, maybe he too can utilize the exchanges in a way that benefits big business.

UPDATE: 12/12/13 Thursday: Johnson explained what he really meant about usable exchanges, and it couldn't be more useless:
National Review: “I’m just talking about the concept of certain types of marketplaces that can help individuals access the free market,” he said. Among the changes, Johnson’s ideal marketplaces wouldn't have any kind of of mandate and would allow customers to shop across state lines.

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