Friday, December 6, 2013

WISGOP, shooting campaign blanks, can’t make argument for reelecting Scott Walker.

Scott Walker has nothing but the lower unemployment rate to brag about, and that doesn't include those who just gave up looking. He can’t talk about jobs or attracting new out-of-state businesses. Hell, he kicked the can down the road on a new way to fund transportation.  

So the dirty work is left up to WISGOP to find something that’ll stick, something to scare his
Falzone feigns stupidity in Tweet!!!
Democratic candidate with.

20 year old taxes, really? While it was fine to let Mitt Romney off the hook for not releasing his old tax returns (irrelevant as I recall), they’re saying just the opposite now about Mary Burke, gubernatorial challenger to Scott Walker. Hey guys, we had that argument and you won, no tax returns. Now you want to take it back?

Oddly WISGOP thinks only conservatives can take advantage of the tax code, while Democrats, believing the wealthy should pay more, can’t. The difference is; Democrats don’t mind paying more and raising their own taxes. That’s a difference missed intentionally by WISGOP.

So the bumbling staff at WISGOP has nothing. They can’t defend Walker’s hapless record on jobs, business and his divide and conquer policies.

Again, the argument over Burke’s zero taxes 20 years ago is pure nonsense, since she is more than willing to raise her own taxes:
jsonline-Dan Bice: Republicans are asking if Burke has always paid her fair share. Specifically, Burke — now a Madison millionaire — paid no state income taxes for three full years during the 1990s and only a minimal amount in another year. She lived outside Wisconsin for most of that time. "It is deeply concerning that Millionaire Mary Burke didn't pay taxes at several points in her career, and she owes the people of Wisconsin a serious explanation — not excuses," said Joe Fadness, executive director of the state Republican Party.
And yet….
By comparison, she has paid more than $100,000 in state income taxes in three of the past four years.


  1. Bice has been firing on cylinders recently when it comes to regurgitating Republican talking points and framing stories.

    I keep coming back in my mind to the woman from Minnesota who came forward before the recall election to allege that the pro-life Walker, while a student at Marquette, had attempted to convince his pregnant girlfriend to have an abortion.

    Bice was extremely quick to jump in and state categorically that he had researched the subject and found that it was a different Scott Walker. Everyone seemed to credit him with uttering the gospel truth. Did anyone bother to verify if he was correct or just throwing some spin at the story?

    I admit to being extremely, perhaps even pathologically suspicious of anything coming from standard-issue professional journalists these days.

  2. That story is something I need to keep track of too. I remember reading his cover for Walker, and now things are a bit different. Thanks for the reminder.