Monday, December 9, 2013

GOP demands food stamp cut, or no Farm Bill.

The GOP is about to screw over their biggest voting block, farmers. Will Gov. Walker's state tax exemption be enough for them to forget about their congressmen's inability to pass the farm bill? They'll love seeing the price of milk skyrocket to $7 a gallon.

Instead of trying to create jobs, they've decided to just take people off food stamps instead. Why not cut to the chase. Democrats hopefully won't back down. Rep. Mark Pocan comments, from Channel3000:


  1. If you think $7 a gallon milk is something, wait until it's $15 for a gallon of gas, $35 for a loaf of bread. Oh and all those cheap Chinese made TV's that go for $99 at Walmart cost $2000!

    Maybe it has less to do with the farm bill, and more to do with the Federal Reserve's balance sheet exploding from 800 billion 5 years ago to 4 trillion and rising rapidly today. Maybe it has more to do with the 17 trillion in debt and over 200 trillion dollars the government has promised in Social Security, Medicare, etc when the GDP of the U.S. is only 15 trillion.

    Maybe you should do a little more research and start listening and reading rather than blabbing.

    Right now, the Fed is printing 1.2 trillion each year in currency in order to keep the entire economy propped up. Wait until it gets to be 1.2 trillion each month! There will be no tapering. Interest rates will not be allowed to rise. Boy you liberals are in for one hell of a surprise! What you think of as money is nothing but fiat currency and it is worth exactly nothing. Good luck acquiring basic goods and necessities with all those skills you got going into massive amounts of student loan debt getting your worthless degrees in transgender french art studies!

    Dire consequences await the uninformed. That is most everybody so buckle up!

  2. Wow, taking away Americans food stamps will save our country, sign me up. Hey Debbie Downer, thank your Republican friends for running up the deficits, and adding to the debt. Remember, in 2000, we had surpluses as far as the eye could see. That would have been use to pay down the debt. Gone, tax cuts...Bush. Bush said the government shouldn't keep all the surplus money, or did you forget? Now look at us genius.