Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Concealed Carry License Holder drops gun, surprises shoppers.

Cognitive Dissedence posted this warm wonderful Christmas story about another responsible/legal concealed gun owner, who bravely carried his gun into a store...what could go wrong?
WISC: Police said they arrested a Milwaukee man after his loaded handgun fell from his pocket and discharged inside a clothing store in Racine.

Officers said the man and a woman were shopping at Burlington Coat Factory Saturday when the gunshot struck a metal fixture in the store. No one was hurt. Authorities say the man picked up his gun and both left the store.

The man and woman saw surveillance video of the incident posted online and went to the Racine Police Department Sunday. The woman was released. The man was arrested for recklessly endangering safety. Police said the man has a valid concealed carry permit.


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