Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Republicans take the "certainty" out of going to school the full year with the introduction of Vouchers.

How would you like to be a parent whose child's school closed down at the beginning of the holiday break? They didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to their fellow classmates.

Or how about all those parents relying on that school being there all school year, finding out the schools owner had decided to shut it down for health problems?

Private schools receiving taxpayer vouchers can do anything they want, like close at any time. And parents are stuck holding the bag, scrambling to find another school that has room?

That's the kind of “uncertainty” Republicans have brought to families all over Wisconsin with their ideologically driven efforts to privatize schools for profit. Your kid is a commodity now, in a move that makes them a little less human:
jsonline: The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has moved to boot another private school from receiving taxpayer money through the Milwaukee voucher program … Washington DuBois Christian Leadership Academy, a K-6 voucher school at 5226 W. Hampton Ave. … failed to meet financial and administrative reporting requirements, according to the DPI.
If that wasn't reason enough to piss parents off, try this on for size:
The school's administrator, Michael Hutchinson, closed the school last week. But he said Monday he shut down the program because of his failing health from Parkinson's disease, not because of the DPI decision.
So the simple “certainty” of having your kid in school all year long is now just another fading relic of the past.
The 110 students who were enrolled will have to attend new schools after the holiday break.
Schools no longer an Investment: And the cost to taxpayers supporting poorly run schools over a number of years?
The school has received millions of dollars in voucher payments over the years, through a program that currently pays $6,442 annually per qualifying pupil. The school's accreditation was also called into question. A school with a similar accreditation issue — Dr. Brenda Noach Choice School — was barred by the DPI from participating in the voucher program this school year.

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