Monday, December 2, 2013

Walker's Toyless Christmas Wish.

Cognitive Dissidence got the scoop on this amazing un-Christmas like fundraising cheerlessness. We're not only seeing the ugly side of business, but what really matters to Republicans like Scott Walker; a toyless Christmas for kids.
First I thought it was bad when Walmart thought it would be a good idea to hold a food drive for their own employees instead of just paying them a living wage. Then McDonald's comes along and tells their employees to sell off their Christmas gifts so that they can pay their bills. Walker's campaign sent out a fundraising email on Friday that really takes the cake (emphasis mine):
 I've highlighted the warm fuzzy holiday messages from Scott Walker. How did he know my kids wanted lower taxes as adults:


  1. Love how the Guv. uses his son's as personal shields. Nothing like putting the family out for your own foolishness. Real stand up guy we got.

    "Doin' it fur the Kids. My kid's. Not you educating kinda kids. My kids. Read." Governor Walker, circa Recalling Recalls.

  2. Now that is actually funny. Perhaps rather than trying to change things out of your control, you should just move here to California and live with the rest of the liberal morons where everyone is afraid of guns, votes for creatures that couldn't give a shit about them, and is on the fast track to poverty being taxed to death.