Thursday, December 19, 2013

More on Walker's Job Losses Record moving Wisconsin Forward.

WPR reported this about job growth, and provided a nice looking graph:
Louis Johnston is an Associate Professor of Economics at the College of St. Benedict
and St. John's University in Minnesota. He says these numbers represent a long-term trend for Wisconsin.

“And the impression I get is that in 2010, the idea was that policy changes that Governor Walker proposed would change that trend,” says Johnston. “And from what I can see it hasn't had any effect at all. Wisconsin continues to lag the nation in terms of both job growth and income growth. And if anything, things have perhaps gotten a little worse.”

Overall, Wisconsin added a total of 23,963 private sector jobs, which was the state's worst showing in three years. By comparison, Wisconsin added 37,959 private-sector jobs during the same period the year before and 39,909 the year before that.

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