Monday, December 16, 2013

The Mind Numbing Irrelevancy of the MacIver Institute's shot at ObamaCare.

I didn't know so many people loved their lousy unaffordable insurance policies, and their yearly 6 to 30 percent premium increases. These ornery rugged individuals don't need to comparison shop for insurance. That's for sissies.

The MacIver Institute tantrum continues with this pointless comparison:

Like the NationalJournal wrote:
"The healthy are subsidizing the sick. Insurance companies are tightening access to doctors. Plans with low premiums have high deductibles. Sometimes it rains, Nickelback is still a band, and people continue to die literally every day. But just because something is happening and Obamacare exists doesn't mean it's happening because Obamacare exists--even in health care. Don't tell that to the law's critics: The Affordable Care Act has become the go-to scapegoat for just about everything people don't like about health care, if not in the economy overall. The law is being blamed for trends, economic incentives, and basic realities that it did not create and that were part of the health care system long before President Obama was even elected. There's not a big difference between "how Obamacare works" and "how health insurance works"--and that, health experts said, is what makes the law such a convenient target."-Sam Baker.

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  1. So your guberment just made everything worse. USA USA oooo Kim kardashian is on.