Friday, May 18, 2012

Ron Johnson Completely misses Democrats point for not submitting Budget Bill.

Democratic Senators want tax increases included in a budget bill. It’s a balanced approach to governing. But the take no prisoners, no compromise GOP won’t let that happen. So the end result is no budget proposal in the senate. That’s why the Democrats never put a budget together. Whining and complaining about how many days the Dems haven’t propose a budget is just one of so many vacuous talking points, and it won’t replace smart budgeting.

But dumb Ron Johnson thinks the strategy of “no compromise,” the GOP strategy by the way, means the Democrats have shown “no leadership.” Well back at you, stupid sh**!!
WisRadioNet: U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s belief that Democrats won’t compromise was reinforced this week when majority Democrats turned down GOP budget proposals. In comments prior to budget talks, Johnson said Democrats have shown no leadership and taken no responsibility for failing to pass a budget in three years.
God this guy is a stone cold idiot. 

*Full disclosure: I was stunned at his outrageous campaign. Every fact he quoted was wrong, total fiction. The media did nothing to correct him. He's one dimensional. My heart sinks every time I see or hear him. He's a low information Senator and a taxpayer supported freeloader now. Marrying into a company was just dumb luck for dumb Ron Johnson. 

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