Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sykes bashes teacher for helping students vote, and if Walker loses, blame no Voter ID.

Radio propagandist Charlie Sykes should have raised up a few "red flags" in the minds of viewers, when he discussed penalizing a Pulaski High School teacher for helping a few students go to the nearest polling place to vote. What a horrible lesson to learn? I'll bet you anything they were forced to vote for Barrett.

If that wasn't enough, Sykes also laid the ground work for his drone followers, that if Tom Barrett wins a close one, you can say its illegitimate and blame it on voter fraud.

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  1. So to these privileged Wisconsin voices, public schools no longer should have a goal of training and encouraging citizenship in our nation's youth?
    Partisan politics is now so deeply entrenched in the conservative public mindset that the very act of registering to vote is subversive, because, I suppose, those students might to choose to vote.