Monday, May 28, 2012

Walker Warned Us about those Out-of-Staters.

It’s all because of those “outsiders.” Or so Scott Walker would have you believe. The 2011 protests were anything but, yet as usual, it’s opposite day every day in Republican world. And like everything else thrown at the Democrats by the tea party Republicans, it’s really mere projection.

Take the case of Scott Walker’s fundraising jackpot. This guy is the “outsiders are against me” king, yet his whole campaign hinges on outsider contributions. Sadly, his voter base could care less, since they think democracy and recalls are a waste of money. They also believe the recall will steal away their original 2010 November vote.
Mother Jones: In Wisconsin's 2006 gubernatorial election=out-of-state campaign donations/15 percent. In 2010= 9 percent … in the Walker recall a staggering 57 percent. $3 out of every $5 raised by Walker came from outside Wisconsin. A little more than $1 of every $10 given to Barrett was out-of-state campaign cash. Walker … total fundraising haul since January 1, 2011, to $25 million.

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