Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scott Walker Turning Wisconsin Around and Around and Around....

The Walker campaign should be lambasted for creating a totally fictional Wisconsin that if real, would deserve every bit of criticism, and praise offered up in his ads. While Scott Walker takes credit for the continuing success of the Obama administration economic policies, he's trying to create a dystopian past of hell fire and cartoon villains.

Even after Walker's dismal jobs numbers, disastrous results as Milwaukee County Executive that saw job losses, a Great Recession he continues to blame on the Democrats, and divisive leadership as governor, he has managed to create a thriving world of commerce and public happiness never before realized in our state. Hail Walker.

No one would want to go back to "those days of yesteryear." Walker's allies are now saturating the media, filling what time Walker didn't buy on TV and radio, with their own spin on the new utopia. The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama PAC decided to do a little freelancing?

Nothing more honest than a ringing endorsement by Michael Reagan? I especially liked the unintended truthfulness in the line, "has turned a negative into a positive." Yes, Walker is doing just that. But really, "Win this one for the Gipper?"

"We need leaders like Scott Walker. He's a reminder of somebody named Reagan from a long time ago. Scott Walker, because of what he's doing, has turned a negative into a positive, bringing businesses back into Wisconsin (and) getting people back into Wisconsin. Why in the world would the people in Wisconsin want to go back to those days of yesteryear — when the budget was out of control, jobs were not available, is beyond me. Win this one for the Gipper,"

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